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For all TOURISM enquiries (Promotion, Tours, events) contact Tourist Association White Cliffs, Honor Taylor 0880916611, Linda George 0437063660 or Dick Wagner 0880916707

For all ACCOMODATION enquiries contact White Cliffs Caravan Park 0880916688, White Cliffs Hotel 0880916606, White Cliffs Underground Motel 0880916677, Goodwood Stationstay 0880916728

For all CATERING and conference enquiries contact White Cliffs Sporting Club 0880916707, White Cliffs Outback store 0880916611 or White Cliffs Underground Motel 0880916677

White Cliffs Underground Art Festival contact Cree Marshal 0497268971

White Cliffs Music Festival contact Anne Baker 0428757006

White Cliffs Gemfest contact Jane Stevenson 0429601870

White Cliffs Miners Association contact Jane Stevenson 0429601870 or Ron Dowton 0880916711

White Cliffs Gymkhana contact Chris Cattlin 0408195168

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